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MoneyGram is available at Post Office branches across the UK.

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No need to complete a send form for transactions when using a MoneyGram Plus card. 1


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Simple steps to use MoneyGram at your local Post Office branch


Fill in a form for the amount you wish to send and at the same time apply for a MoneyGram Plus card1.


Hand the form to the Postmaster along with the money you wish to transfer and the fee.


For subsequent quicker and easier money transfers with MoneyGram simply present your MoneyGram Plus card to the Postmaster.


You will then be given a reference number to pass onto the receiver of the money. The money will be available to collect in minutes2.

Now you can apply for your MoneyGram Plus™ card when completing transactions at any Post Office branch

MoneyGram Plus card brings you the ultimate in speed and convenience. You’ll continue to enjoy fast, easy MoneyGram transactions because you do not need to complete send forms for repeat transactions.

View MoneyGram Plus Program Terms and Conditions.

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