Report on Payment Practices and Performance

Company name: MoneyGram International Limited

Reporting period: ended 31st March 2016 - 1st September 2016

Payment terms:
including any standard contractual length of time for payment of invoices and the maximum contractual payment period, any changes to standard terms, whether suppliers have been notified or consulted on these changes. Payment terms are net 60 unless contracted terms through Global Sourcing at MoneyGram.

Proportion of invoices paid beyond agreed terms (by percentage): 69%

Average time (by number) taken to pay Invoices from the date of issue: 51.5 days

Proportion of invoices paid within the following period, where day 1 is the date of invoice (by percentage)

Days Percent
1 - 30 63%
31 - 60 22%
> 60 14%

Amount of interest paid (by number)
 = £  0

Amount of interest liable to pay (by number) = £  0

Process for dispute resolution for overdue invoices: Inquiry on overdue should be directed to business relationship owner or